01 - Mar - 2012 :
Lanched Prokaryo version 12.0 This is a karyotyping software built on our advanced pattern recognition technique. Its features a host of new features not found in the previous release. P-tutor - an in-built tutor module for beginners which allows to recognise chromosomes without any prior exposure.Quick Karyotype features a view of all the stages of karyotype in a single window. All stages of karyotyping are stored and any operation can be undone. Web-based sharing Its is possible to connect two labs and share images for processing using our web-based sharing mechanism.Template Use of template allows us to replace human template with any of the species and allow karyotyping.
1-Sept-2012 :
Launched ProFISH Ver 12.0 successfully launced. Bjorn Biosystems’ ProFISH has easy 21 channel capture tool and analysis tool.
2-April-2013 :
Launched ProHaemato Version 2.0 successfully launced.  ProHaemato allows real time and automatic classification and segmentation of blood cells.