Clinicians and researchers are extensively using high sophisticated FISH technology in detecting genetic disorders. As karyotyping is time consuming and less accurate than FISH technique, this has evolved over a period time as faster and easy technique in diagnosing known genetic abnormality.  

Bjorn Biosystems’ ProFISH has easy 21 channel capture tool and analysis tool.
Capture tool :

Research grade camera 1.4MP from Jenoptik, Germany picks up weak signals excellently. Automatic/manual exposure settings allow perfect image capture. All images are stacked giving result image.


Powerful tools for image enhancement

ROI selection, automatic cell counting and segmentation with automatic background correction, manual contrast, brightness and sharpness adjustments are few of tools.


 Automatic dot counter

For each analysis, segmented cells are automatically arranged in unique gallery view. Automatic/manual counting of dots can be generated in graphic format, this enables the researcher faster and accurate analysis of specimens.

Extensive database

Database captures all captured images and patient’s data. Images can be reloaded for analysis at later stage.

Report generation

One page automatic report is generated from database which can be stored as .docx or .pdf file.Whole database of individual patient can be exported/imported and shared with other laboratories or clinicians so that report reach concerned person immediately for further action


Software for Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH)