ProKaryo™ by Bjorn Biosystems is unique and fully automated software for analysis of metaphase for Karyotyping.  ProKaryo™ provides powerful yet simple functionality to analyze Karyotype for a variety of species including humans, animals and plants. Multiple user-friendly tools along with an insightful graphical user interface (GUI) makes karyotyping analysis a pleasure. The beauty of ProKaryo™ is that it can be used by cytogenetist as well as clinicians, making it versatile to cater to a large audience. The ease, speed and help that ProKaryo™ provides at every step make it one of the most competitive products in the industry.

 Patient Management System (PMS) :
A key differentiator when compared to other karyotyping systems, PMS provides simplified case management of patient data. PMS is customizable, robust, and scalable, provides fast data retrieval and case management, and is customized to integrate with hospital database case history.The reporting feature of PMS is fine tuned to report about patients based on specimen type or diagnosis. It has unrivalled data sharing capabilities because of its flexible import/export functionality between systems of its own kind.


Smart ‘n’ Simple Karyotyping



High End Image Acquisition :
Image acquisition is the key to accurate karyotyping. ProKaryo™ comes equipped with a 1.4 MP Jenoptik camera that is suitable for low light conditions as well as acquiring images for fluorescence image analysis. CaptureTool™ utility integrates the camera with the main karyotyping system and provides entire functionality of camera in the main system.


This most advanced feature of ProKaryo™ provides a unique and highly interactive interface where an individual chromosome can be viewed, analyzed and placed in its correct class. To facilitate comparison of chromosomes, different pictures of actual chromosomes and ideograms are displayed. A drop down also allows viewing of abnormal chromosomes for a chosen disease. Clinicians and users new to karyotyping can take complete advantage of this feature to explore and learn about karyotyping.


Automatic Karyotyping (G-,R-,Q- banding):
uses advanced pattern recognition techniques for chromosome classification needing minimal intervention. Inbuilt classifier has self learning capability. Once trained, it can dramatically reduce time to go from metaphase to karyotype in just a few clicks