ProHemat, image analysis software by Bjorn Biosystems Pvt Ltd, is the most latest and essential asset to all hematology laboratories. It ability to analyze images of peripheral blood and bone marrow is un-paralleled. Labs don’t need to invest in costly instruments. Simply, smears while being examined under microscope by laboratory personnel get automatically analyzed.
                    Differential counts of white blood cells are done automatically. Re-classification of these cells by expert can be done by just selecting short keys. Additional facilities of RBC and platelet analysis are also present. Each patient’s data with images can be stored (<10MB) and it can be retrieved at any time afterwards. As images get stored, sharing of images through different laboratories, clinicians and others is easily possible. Visualization of all WBC cells on large screen makes teaching easier.

Salient features
 Intuitive graphical user interphase (GUI)
 Automatic WBC classification/re-classification
 Simplistic image acquisition, storage, reproducibility and reporting
 No need of extremely costly instruments
 Sharing images over networks, emails
 Excellent teaching tool
 World’s first “View and Analyze”